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Exterior Home Refacing and Renovation

exterior refacing

There is a lot of talk about curb appeal in real estate, and people go to great lengths to add curb appeal with porches, and well maintained gardens, forgetting about the home itself. Sure, paint the front door and the garage, but what about the exterior of the home?

When we talk about renovations we’re focused on updating the home’s interior. The exterior is just as important, after all, guests and potential buyers see it before anything within the home.

Curb appeal is all about making a good first impression, so think about what impression your home makes as someone pulls up to it for the first time. They step out of their car and survey your home… what do they see? It’s what you did before you bought the home, so it’s fair to say that it’s what everyone else does as they arrive.

Giving your home a facelift is an investment that is worth making. You are not only increasing the value of your home, but you are improving your curb appeal. Yes, it’s possible to make a massive difference by changing or painting the front door. It doesn’t sound daunting at all, but many people don’t realize that refacing their home’s exterior is easier than a kitchen renovation.

There are many options when it comes to refacing your home’s exterior.

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Natural Veneer

Natural stone is an excellent choice, but it can be weighty so you may have a need for additional structural supports. It’s also one of the most expensive options.

Artificial Veneer

If you want the look of natural stone without the weight and cost, consider artificial stone instead. There are fewer tools involved in the installation process so this reduces the labor costs.

Manufactured Veneer

There are available in textures such as rubble stone and limestone, and come in a variety of colors. They are pre-sealed to achieve a water-proof exterior and scratch resistant. There is no need to treat them once the refacing is complete. It’s also an inexpensive option.

Brick Veneer

It looks like brick, but it isn’t. You can choose various styles to create just the look you want to achieve. Many companies will also create a custom brick veneer for you if you can’t find the one that fits your style. This is particularly handy if you are building an addition and you need its exterior to match the rest of your home.


Stucco is a mix of cement, sand, and lime and it’s another inexpensive option for refacing. It can be applied directly to the exterior provided it is secure enough to handle the thick layer. The benefit of stucco is that it’s inexpensive, and can be painted over if you want to freshen up your home later, without needing to reface again.

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