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Garage Additions- Extra Storage or Living Space


           Converting your garage into another area of your home is always tempting, as it’s just sitting there perfect for you to use. If you have an unused garage, or a garage with no second storey rooms above it, consider a garage addition that would provide your home with an extra room or two to live in. While converting a garage to living space seems counter intuitive due to the loss of parking area, it is a good idea in the eventuality you don’t use the garage for parking, or simply want to divide a large garage in half. Similarly, a vacant attic above the garage is a waste of space that could be put to good use.

Converting your Garage into a Living Space

Conversion of the garage is a relatively easy process as the walls, foundation and electrical sockets are all in place already. All that is required is making it liveable, and to integrate it seamlessly into the rest of the house. Unlike conversion, a garage addition will require building overtop of the garage, and most likely reinforcing the walls so that they can support the weight of the addition. 

garage plan addition

If your home has a free-standing garage, this option still exists! A set of stairs and a room above the garage can be turned into a separate living area for guests or for members of the family that enjoy their privacy. While both of these rooms will require significant heating adjustments for the house overall, they are much easier to build than a second storey addition or room addition, as they only build overtop of already existing structures. This is also the most cost- efficient way of gaining an extra bedroom, when compared to the other possible house additions.

When thinking about above garage additions consider the requirements for insulation, as rooms above garages tend to be much colder than other areas of the house, plumbing requirements, electrical work which will need to be done, as well as the overall theme of your home’s décor. A garage addition must blend in smoothly with the rest of your home, as if it stands out glaringly that it was built after the rest of the house, it might end up looking too different, and strange as a result.

Also always consider the use your new room will be put to; a living space will need extra heating, while storage space can be more bare bones. Remember to consult with an engineer as well as a professional firm or contractor before you begin any work on your addition.