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6 Tips for Kitchen Additions


1.Expand Your Living Area

When there is no possibility of building up, a rear or side home addition is an option to consider for the expansion of your home. While a rear home and kitchen addition is often not sight out due to the fact that the addition will cut into your yard, it is still a popular option for home owners who are constrained by their home’s limitations. In the city, a rear or side home addition is often times impossible due to limited lot size. However, if you have room to spare in your yard, a rear home addition will create the extra room you desire, whether it is a Kitchen addition or a family room. There are important factors to consider when deciding on a home addition of any kind, and particularly a rear or side home expansion. These factors are:

2.Your willingness to sacrifice yard areamodular home addition

A back yard is hard to come by in most city homes. Downtown core buildings often have very little space to expand on, and zoning limitations might prevent you from building outward as far as you’d like. However, if you would rather your house stay a bungalow due to mobility issues and the want to avoid stairs, a rear or side home addition is certainly the way to go.

3.You project budget

As home additions are considered expensive renovations, it is often times more feasible to consider the cheaper option, or simply addition outward and not up. A rear or side home addition is far less costly than building upwards in almost all cases. Kitchen additions are a great way to expand your home.

4.Zoning regulations

 The local government will be the ultimate judge as to whether your home addition is possible. Generally, the rules are fairly straightforward as to how far away from a fence, railing or other home you are allowed to build. Sometimes the natural aspects of the lot your home is located on might also restrict building; such as if your home is partially on park property, or by a ravine.

5.You existing home structure

 Whether or not your home will be able to add a second story without serious structural support is a question best left up to an engineer. The additional costs of fortification and renewal of your home’s existing walls will deter many people. In these cases, a rear or side home addition that wouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of your home is a better option.

6.The scale of the project

 A larger project, such as a complete home renovation or a second storey addition will necessitate your vacating your home for a prolonged period of time. If you wish to avoid this, and instead be present during construction, a smaller scale project such as rear home addition will be a better idea.

A rear or side kitchen addition can be used to expand already existing space, add a new room to your home or create extra storage space. Rear home additions can also be used to create a windowed patio enclosure in the backyard. If you need a little bit of extra space but are unwilling to expand upwards of sideways, a home addition in the rear or the side is another option to consider instead of changing homes.