Top Benefits of Building A Home Addition

Home addition benefits

You might rue the fact that you don’t have a playroom, or a guest room, your kids are sharing rooms and your house is bursting at its seams. You have already made the best of what you have, but it isn’t enough. You can’t move right now, because quite simply you like the neighborhood you live in and the memories that you have made in this home.

It’s time to consider an addition- whether you choose to build out, build up, or dig down- it might be the best way to make sense of your home’s structure.

Consider the Benefits of Building Home Addition

More Space

The whole point of an addition is to increase the space of your home. Whether you are looking for additional storage space, or you want to expand your square footage by creating addition bedrooms, a bathroom, a larger kitchen, or a games room. Even a small addition can produce big results, and a home addition can provide you with the space you so desperately need.

Growing Numbers

Whether you have adult kids threatening to move back, little kids getting bigger, or elderly parents moving in- there are plenty of reasons you might need more space. You can create an additional bedroom, or a full suite with a bathroom and even a small kitchen.


If you are thinking about extra income, you could potentially create a full suite to rent.

house addition resale valueAdded Value

It’s hard to overlook, with the additional square footage that comes with building an addition so comes added value.


You’ll recoup those costs when the time comes to sell, but if you are thinking of building just add value to your home- check out what additions add the most value.

Cheaper Alternative

It’s fair to say that additions come at a cost, but so does moving. Pretty much any home addition is cheaper than moving. An addition can be an inconvenience, but so is moving- moving comes with packing, reorganizing, moving, unpacking, plus the many costs and the time it takes to find a home, and sell your own.

Added Luxury

You might not want a whole new room, you may want to expand your kitchen, or create a master bathroom that can house a large spa. You can use additions to create a luxurious space within your home.

Bring the Outdoors In

A sunroom can introduce natural light to your home, and it will cost less than a full room addition, while still boosting your square footage.

Alternatively, create a screened in porch space to allow you to enjoy the warmer weather without the threat of insects. It increases your home’s curb appeal, adds square footage, and increases the value of your home.

No matter what home addition you choose, the right one can transform your residence into your dream home. They’re less expensive than remodeling and moving. If you’re in need of more space or a change, don’t overlook the value of a home addition.

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