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    Bedroom Additions

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    How to Plan Bedroom Additions: Ideas and Benefits

    You may be increasing your family, or want a master suite to escape to. Bedroom additions are a hot prospect, and building out is a much cheaper decision than moving. There are plenty of considerations to make before you decide what move is right for you and while you can expect to recoup 53% of your costs at resale, most homeowners say their addition has increased their enjoyment of the home. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a bedroom addition.

    There’s a lot involved with building out- including sacrificing yard space, excavating to pour a foundation, the framing and more. You need to hire a professional to ensure the addition is done right, and allow them to draft in the roofer, electricians, and whatever tradesmen will be necessary. You’ll need building inspections and zoning approval, and you will need to consider the cost of expanding your HVAC system. To get a better idea of the true cost you can expect to incur from such an undertaking, you should speak to a professional.

    Consider your Budget for the Addition

    There are ways to get your addition without spending huge, though. Building up can reduce your costs, if you have a garage or porch area that you can built on top it. Or, if you have underutilized space to expand on. Alternatively, an unfinished space, such as the attic or basement can be ideal and converting those rooms can save up to 60% of your budget.

    Adding a bedroom of any size will make a big difference to your home- and it isn’t all about money. The general standard is that if you plan to stay in your home for five years or so before reselling then you will have had plenty of time to enjoy your addition and recoup some of the investment on resale.

    The Main Benefits of a Bedroom Additionbedroom addition

    1. Increase the area of your living space

    2. Boost your house resale value

    3. Save on moving

    4. Renew your old look

    5. Create a custom designed & functional environment

    There are plenty of benefits to adding an extra bedroom to your home- including the ability to house more family members. Whether you have regular guests, or elderly family members moving in- the additional space is handy to have and can make a real difference to your overall lifestyle.

    A bedroom addition adds value to your home- though it isn’t recommended that you build an addition just to increase the home value.

    Many people sell up and move on when they start to outgrow their home- but additions are more cost efficient. Moving means packing everything up and saying goodbye to a neighborhood you love and the friends you’ve made. Building an addition means you get to stay where you are, and you have sufficient space for your family to grow into, thus saving you from moving for many years to come.