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    Family room additions

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    Plan a Family Room Addition? Here are Some Ideas and Benefits

    Family rooms are casual, informal spaces where the family can hang out, read, watch television, play games, and just unwind. They are functional and versatile spaces that are tailored to your needs.

    First make a decision on how you see the space taking shape. What do you want to achieve with the room, and what size can your lot accommodate and what is your budget? Once you have a firm idea and a budget you should meet with a professional to draw up your floor plans and come up with a design plan.

    The addition of a cozy family room is a popular rood addition and they are rooms that can be used year round. As our families grow there is a greater need for adequate space for everyone to enjoy the home comfortably. An addition can increase square function and increase the functionality of your home.

    Family Room Ideas to Consider

    A family room can serve as a media room, games room, or designed to convert into a sleeping area for guests. Choosing the correct design for your needs is the perfect way to create a space that will best serve you. You may want to consider a fireplace, the layout of furniture as well as the location of the TV. You are designing a space from scratch, so it should be designed for your exact requirements.

    Take in mind before building the addition:family room addition plan

    • comfort

    • style

    • design

    • Special needs

    • Budget

    Consider what other functions you would like from your family room addition and understand how the design could serve you. You may want to consider a modular or prefab addition, which can speed up the renovation process.

    There are many benefits to a room addition, including the increase of your home’s value. This is whether you expand an existing room, or build an entire extension. If you hire a professional and take their advice you could recoup up to 85% of your addition investment when it comes to resale. Additions that can improve someone’s lifestyle are more popular and are most likely to result in the higher resale increase.

    Additionally, you have a new space for entertaining and your new space can be designed with entertaining in mind.

    If your family loves the outdoors, consider how you can link the outdoors with your new space. Whether you create an attached sunroom, or choose a screened porch. There is a wealth of options when it comes to creating new spaces and the control is in your hands.

    The bottom line is that building an addition will increase your enjoyment of your home and increase its value, too. You will bask in the glow of your newly finished addition, and enjoy spending evenings relaxing in it, as well as in showing it off to friends and family.

    How a Room Addition Can Make Your Home More Valuable

    family room addition valueA home addition, as we are all aware, is a means of expanding your living area when you don’t have enough room, or simply wish to add monetary value to your home. If you’re like most home owners, there are certain details which bother you about the space allocation in your home. Perhaps the kitchen gets too crowded when everyone clumps inside to see what’s for dinner? Perhaps you don’t have enough room to fit that five seat mega sofa you’ve had your eye on for movie nights? Perhaps you’re interested in an open concept layout, but your current home’s size won’t allow for a seamless remodeling? Whatever the case, realize that the option to drastically change your home’s layout exists and is quite easy to enact.

    The Space

    A room addition or bump out is a cost effective way to add on to an existing portion of your chosen room. A room addition can be as large or small as you want it, commonly seen ones ranging from a metre to the size of the entire room. This relatively tiny space addition can do wonders to the layout of your home. One of the benefits of a bump out over a more significant addition is that generally the difference in space is small enough to ne negligible when it comes to your heating and cooling. In addition, a room extension will generally not require any significant changes to the structure of your home, unless you intend to bump out a second storey living space.

    A room addition will raise the overall square footage of your home, and therefore also raise the market value. Room addition projects are often done simultaneously with a renovation project, to save time and money. Some common uses for room additions are to: add a reading nook, expand kitchen space and have room for more counter-top, add space to an overcrowded living room, provide space for the installation of bathroom fixtures, and so on.

    Consider the Location

    While a family room addition is generally far less expensive than other home additions, it might generate extra costs based on the location of the extension. Similarly, as room additions are very often done concurrently with general renovation, the costs go up slightly. Overall, a room extension is a far more economic way of expanding your space in comparison to other additions as it doesn’t require extra roofing, changes to the structure of your home or foundation or to the heating and cooling systems already present in your home. Similarly, the extension of a family room requires little changes to the outside of your home, meaning there will be less stylistic deliberation overall.

    While a family  room addition seems like an almost too small way to add room, the fact is that even an addition of less than a meter can provide with the extra space necessary to remodel certain aspects of your home. If you are looking to expand your home but are unsure about a full blown home addition, consider a family room addition instead.