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    Need more Space? Why a Home Addition is a Better Idea than Moving

    Main Benefits of a Home Addition

    1. Gives you more living space.

    2. Extra room for family members and guests.

    3. Home additions increase the value of your house.

    4. It is cheaper than moving.

    5. Gives your house a new look.

    home bath addition planCity living is difficult, especially with house prices being what they are today. For families that are stuck in a too-small home, moving into a larger one is not always possible. Maybe moving is too expensive, too much of a hassle that would disrupt your everyday lives, or maybe relocating would be too much stress on the conveniences you have built up in your current neighbourhood. In any case, we understand that the benefits of staying in your current home outweigh the cons. Fortunately, there is another solution that comes in the form of a home addition. Most often, a home addition is much cheaper than the cost of selling your home, buying a larger one, relocating, moving expenses and so on so forth. Certainly, the idea of a home addition might scare those who are uncomfortable with renovation. However, most agree that adding to your current home is a much easier process than changing your living space entirely. Consider this- a tiny bungalow in the heart of a big city is far more valuable than a larger home in the suburbs. What if you could remodel the bungalow into a multi-storey home that would fit your ever expanding family? Not only do home additions make sense financially, they also significantly raise the overall value of your home. Overall, the investment you put into the renovation might double the value of your home. Here are some of the possible improvements you can make to your home, when your current space is not enough:

    Second Floor Addition

    When your one storey home is lacking in bedrooms and leg room, you can consider adding space over-top, without expanding into the plot. A second storey addition is one of the most extensive home additions you can make, coming just short of completely tearing down and re-building your existing home. If you are not the kind of person who is alright with their home being unlivable while building is taking place, perhaps consider a different, less intrusive option.

    Above Garage Room Addition

    If you have a free-standing garage, or one which has unused space above it, consider a garage room addition. The extra room will be large, depending on your garage size, and can often be divided into more than one room. Depending on the structure of your home, you might be able to add that extra bedroom for the kids who are getting too old to share, a home office, extra storage and anything else you might need. A separate standing structure can be turned into a private living space for guests or family members who could use the privacy.

    Rear, Side or Front Home Addition

    If there is unused land on any side of your home that you are willing to build over, consider using it to make extra space. A home addition could create an extra room, or expand an already existing room within your current structure.

    Room Addition

    Maybe your kitchen is just too tiny for the entire family, or maybe you just don’t like that there is no room to place a bar. A room addition or expansion could increase the space you have available within a particular room, at the expense of another area or the land outside your house.

    As you can see, there is a multitude of options you can explore when looking at expanding your home. Home additions are a less invasive process than moving, and allow you to expand your space in much needed ways without sacrificing your current home. Consider a home expansion when you need more room to live, but are unwilling to sell your current home.