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    How to Hire a Professional Spec Home Builder

    Building your new home is an experience and investment. You want to make sure the Builder you are working with for a project that is likely to take at least a year is someone who understands the nature of your project and can cater to your individual needs. Just as important is to make sure that your contractor is somebody you get along with and communicates effectively.

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    Step #1: Get Some Insights

    To hire a professional custom home builder, the first step is to get insights from the local area in which you are starting your project. If you know the area, ask around, see who the respected professionals in the area are. Locals are likely your best source of information, but keep in mind that biases can arise. In the case that you have no connections in the area, a simple web search will aid your process. It’s possible that builders will have reviews, at the very least their website will have a gallery of their former projects with which you can get an idea their individual style to see if it aligns with what you’re looking for. Most important: make sure that your builder has experience in building Home additions.

    Step #2: Get to Know your Builder

    The next step is contact. You shouldn’t just decide on a contractor based on reviews and pictures alone, shop around for your builder. Based off of your previous searches, reach out to arrange meetings with different builders in the area. At this point, a builder should take you to different homes that they’ve built so you can get a real, up close, idea of their work. This will also give you an idea of their professionalism with their business and if you will have a positive working relationship.

    During the personal meeting, discuss your budget, time frame, and the level of involvement you want to have in the building process. These are ultimately the deciding factors that will help you decide between builders. A contractor might have too many other projects happening at the moment and won’t be able to complete your home in your desired time frame. Furthermore, your budget is probably the most important factor. Builders will offer you a bid, estimating how much they think it will cost to produce the home you want. However, keep in mind that this is not a definite price, you shouldn’t necessarily hire the lowest bidder. Also consider that the materials you choose to build with will ultimately be the largest influence in the budget. Lastly, don’t forget to discuss the details in the meeting. Ensure that the contractor is licensed and has liability insurance.

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    Step #3: Hire the Professional Spec Home Builder

    Who you hire to build your home is an important decision, hire a builder that has evidence of creating quality homes and is someone you will be able to work well with. You are in charge of the building process of your new home, but a professional builder will have the insights and knowledge to help you make decisions and will be able to offer ways to help you stay on budget. By being thorough when selecting who will help you build your home, you’re building experience will be a positive one and will lead to the creation of your dream home.

    key points:

    • Find a professional builder
    • Make sure you review your contract & warranty
    • Know exactly what you are paying for 
    • Get your property ready for building inspections
    • Document and write all the agreements

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