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    The Basics of Home improvement

    Our homes are our castle, and whether we look to improve them for our own enjoyment, resale value, or bath- there are plenty of home improvements that will add value to your home.

    Kitchen Remodel

    It’s the heart of any home and you can recoup at least 60% of your investment when you sell. Don’t make it fancier than the rest of your home, but do upgrade and improve. For instance, if you have a historic home packed with charm and throw $50,000 into upgrading the kitchen it isn’t going to feel like it’s part of the same home. That disconnect can be off-putting. If you plan to sell in the next five years you must keep buyers in mind when planning remodels.

    Remodeling the kitchen is going to set you back at least $5,000. The cheapest and easiest option is to add fresh paint.

    The smart way includes upgrading old home addition remodel planappliances with the energy efficient models. They’re better for the environment and they save money.

    Reinvent a Room

    Adding square footage is an expensive project, and while you will recoup your investment at resale, these costs can spin out of control quickly. Instead of building, consider reinventing the space you have. Whether it’s an addition above the garage, finishing an attic, or converting a basement.

    Consider how you, or a potential buyer, could use the new space. Buyers are interested in versatile rooms, and basements can be used for several purposes, and so can attics.

    Must remember: Building a home addition, greatly increase the house resale value.

    energy efficient houseEnergy Efficiency

    Viewing a home with single pane windows is the most terrifying prospect a buyer can face. Energy Star rated windows could see you know $500 off your energy costs. It’s going to save you money and you’ll recoup around 70% of those costs when you sell the home. Choosing Energy Star rated windows gets you a 10% green energy tax credit, too.

    Replacing the windows in your home will cost at least $7,500 but you’ll see an improvement in your heating and cooling costs immediately.

    The other key to energy efficiency is insulation. Home inspectors now include this type of information in home reports for potential buyers. Homes with no energy efficiency upgrades are more expensive to maintain, and to live in. Adding additional insulation to the attic can be done with $200, and save your utility bill.

    Adding insulation and sealing any cracks throughout the home is a sure way to reduce your energy bill and make the home more attractive to buyers. If you have a draft in your home, then you have a leak. Areas that are guilty of this: windows and doors, light switches, electrical sockets, attic hatch, basement, recessed lighting, and where ducts and wires exit the home.

    The Basic Update

    These add the most value to your home for the least money- simple maintenance. Keep your paint fresh and fix maintenance issues are they arise. If the rook starts to leak, or wood is rotting then have them fixed immediately. If you come across mould, take steps to rectify it. Owning a home is a massive commitment, and if you want to sell it then you need to take care of it to ensure it’s an attractive prospect for potential buyers. If there are preventative maintenance measures that you can take, do so, it will save you money in the long run.