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    Kitchen Additions

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    Planing a Kitchen Addition? Here are Some Ideas and Benefits to Consider

    Toronto kitchen renovationIt’s where your family seems to spend the most time, so why shouldn’t you have an addition that does exactly what you want it to? Middle class homes frequently feature small kitchens and it can be difficult to find a decent sized kitchen in a home that was built before the 1970’s. Closed off kitchens were the more practical choice, in a world that was more formal and may have even featured a cook or a maid. They were less attractive, so they were kept separate from the main living area. That’s all changed, and a kitchen addition or remodel is the way to solve this modern dilemma.

    Plan the Layout

    It’s an addition to the choice is yours- are you looking an C, G, I, or L shaped space?

    • C Shape – the perfect space for a busy cook- everything is within reach and the layout also includes a peninsula. The refrigerator usually sits outside the C to prevent it hampering counter space, but keeping in the work area.
    • The G – the good ol’ galley style kitchen, with the sink, prep area, and range all in a single file line. Everything is close by to allow for an easy life, you can be more flexible in the galley kitchen approach now, though, whether it’s be adding kitchen table space, or seating.
    • I Shape – the single galley and ideal for smaller spaces. It’s a single wall setup that is both affordable and simple. It’s often found in small apartments and open lofts.
    • L Shape – this is increasingly popular, as the L shape features an island at its heart. It’s ideal for the multipurpose kitchens of today. It works best with large spaces; however, it can be adapted to fit any space.

    Peninsula or Island?kitchen addition island L shape

    The choice is yours, but your space might dictate how you move forward. You may find both are the answer.

    The island is the free-floating prep space found in the heart of a kitchen, and a peninsula is attached. Think of the C, or U, shaped kitchen- it’s an attached island.


    It’s frequently referred to as the work triangle, keeping everything in arm’s reach to make life easy for the cook. The triangle is an important factor to an addition or a remodel, but it doesn’t have to be everything. It should be about what’s right for you- so you want to create the most direct route between all your work centers, cleaning, cooking, and prep.

    When creating a kitchen addition, the space is generally to the side or rear of a home. Ideally, this will be next to a dining room or informal living area to maximize the addition’s functionality.

    The guiding principle when approaching your plan is simple– you want a space that is comfortable for everyone, and easy to use regardless of ability or age. It is a high traffic area so you want to take door size and counter height into consideration.

    Whether you make small changes or create a brand-new kitchen addition, this adds serious value to your home. So, when you are ready to sell you should recoup most of your investment. Also when building a kitchen addition, consider hiring the top contractors in Toronto.