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    Modular Home Additions

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    Modular Home Additions? Here are Some Ideas and Benefits

    There are plenty of benefits to choosing modular home additions. The fact that it reduces the amount of disruption to your home is a great start- it’s quicker, there is less mess, and your daily life doesn’t need to be altered too much. You are getting the extra space you want, without all the inconvenience.

    Modular homes are not mobile homes; they are simply constructed elsewhere and brought together to build a home on the property. This is why modular construction has become a popular option for home additions.

    modular home addition

    Modular home additions can come in family rooms, second floor additions, top of garage addition, extra bedrooms, home theatres, home offices, in-law suites, and Au pair quarters, too. They are all built quickly and delivered, without leaving your home in upheaval and allowing you to change your home to meet your lifestyle. There is no need to prepare the home for sale and deal with moving, you can create a fully custom designed addition to meet your needs.

    They come in two types: an attachment to the side of the home to create separate quarters, or a second story addition. The majority of zoning boards consider an addition with a kitchen as a separate unit. This requires a wall between the two units, which serves as a fire stop.

    Modular construction is popular because it comes with the added benefit of speed. Once a second story is built it takes just hours to set it in place, once the roof is removed from the existing home. Your home is then fully protected from the weather- a site builder would be unable to protect your home as quickly as this. Because it is finished so quickly your family can get moved upstairs and it will all have been with minimum disruption.

    The Benefits of Modular Home Additions

    Facts about Modular construction:

    • Flexible Design.
    • Reduced coast.
    • Huge time saver, reduced construction time.
    • High quality materials.
    • Energy efficient & environment friendly (considered Green Building).
    • Increased house resale value.
    • Highly customizable.
    • Less construction materials waste

    Once upon a time people thought the only highly quality additions were custom made, stick-built creations. Unfortunately, there aren’t many master craftsmen around these days and newer homes aren’t constructed as well as days gone by. As a result, modular homes and modular additions are the far superior option.

    Modular construction is completed in a factory, which means they are not at risk of being left in the rain to be affected by mildew, or prone to infestation. Because they are built in a climate controlled condition there are no weather delays.

    Additionally, the choice is yours when it comes to designs and plans. You can customize the amenities and finishes, and the additions are built to your specification.

    The way modular buildings are framed allows for more insulation. For stick built homes these areas may be difficult to reach, yet for modular these areas can easily be caulked and insulated as it is constructed. This means your addition is going to be energy efficient.

    The quality is high and it’s consistent. Inspections are completed regularly and throughout the production timeline.

    There isn’t as much overhead when it comes to modular homes and additions, thus they are more affordable. The controlled construction environment reduces costs, as there is no weather delays, materials or labor waste and the construction times are shorter.

    If you plan a Modular Home Addition, do not hesitate to contact us for the price quote, or if you have any questions about Modular Home Additions or Additions in general, Our professionals ready to help you anytime.