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    Porch Additions

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    Planing a Porch Addition? Here are Some Ideas and Benefits

    Nothing screams spring like a porch addition. Sure, it’s heading for the winter chill but you can plan ahead for the warmer season. A front porch is also an excellent first impression, adding curb appeal and providing you with an outdoor living space. It adds value to the home and improves the aesthetic, too.

    If you’re going to do it, do it right- it needs to be large enough to serve as a gathering space. There should be enough space for furniture, seating, and for everyone to move around comfortably. You should have enough space for a minimum depth of 8 feet. Once you understand the dimensions, consider the design. You want it to fit in with your home’s design seamlessly, so it’s important to take the style of your home into consideration.

    This outdoor living space increases Modern porch additionyour home’s value and adds appeal that makes it a desirable purchase to

    potential buyers in the event of resale. A porch, or deck, addition can see up to 90% of a recoup on your investment when selling the home.

    A porch will cost anything from $1,500 up to more than $10,000 depending on your preferences- you can create built-in seating and flower pots, and customize it to your exact preferences. Additionally, you can opt for a screened in area, or one that is entirely enclosed.

    It’s one of the least expensive home additions that you can make, and it is also one of the easiest. You add extra living space and create an addition to your home that everyone can enjoy.

    Porch Additions Designs

    If you love gardening, you may want to create a patio that nods to that passion. Plant a tree that will create shade, build a trellis and allow hanging vines to shelter the area.

    If you entertain frequently you may want an open plan patio, with a grill nearby.

    You can create your design to fit in with your patio, with the idea to engineer a comfortable and inviting space allowing you to enjoy the outdoors as long as you can.

    You don’t want to use any furniture here- opt for weather-resistant materials such as wicker. It can be moved easily and left outdoors, use durable cushions to create splashes of color.

    Create a space with flowers and plants around the outside of the patio to complement your new addition. This also provides you with something to enjoy when you spend time in your new space, too. Consider wind chimes, bird feeders, or a bird bath.

    A screened-in patio is the ideal way to enjoy the outdoors without the many annoyances of the outdoors. You get the best of both worlds.

    The Benefits

    The addition provides you with an outdoor area for relaxing and entertaining, but there is more than that. A porch addition is a spot that is ideal for reading, hosting a party, having breakfast, lunch, or any other gathering you want.

    It provides your home with shade from the elements- you can spend time outside without putting yourself at risk of UV rays and extreme heat.

    Adding a porch enhances the style of your home, provided you choose a style that is sympathetic to the overall style of the home. It adds value and square footage to your home, too.

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