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    Prefab Additions

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    Prefab Additions: Some Ideas and Benefits

    • No waste materials
    • Short construction time
    • Relatively low cost
    • Environment friendly
    • Custom design options
    • Increased House resale value

    First of all, is there a difference been prefab and modular construction? There isn’t a big difference between the two, but there is a difference.

    Simply, prefab refers to several types of construction. Any home is classed as prefab if portions of the structure are constructed elsewhere and assembled onsite. Modular homes, meanwhile, consist of multiple factory built components before being assembled onsite. A modular home is a prefab home, but not all prefab homes are modular.

    prefabricated house building

    Regardless, prefab is synonymous with modernist homes, whether you opt for a small structure with large windows, or instead want a sprawling Cape Code design.

    Choosing a prefab home addition can speed up the remodeling project significantly. Untimely delays aren’t an issue when your addition is being constructed offsite in the controlled condition of a factory. There’s no risk of interruption to the building process, and there’s less interruption to your family and lifestyle. Additionally, it’s money saving as there are no wasted days, lost materials, or downtime.

    Not to mention the structure itself is sturdier than many traditionally built homes, think about it- these structures must survive being transported to the job site. There are two types of manufactured home additions- one that sits atop your current home to create a two-storied structure, and the other which connects to the side of the home.

    The latter is generally a family room, a kitchen expansion or addition, dining room, an extra bedroom, or a full apartment for in-laws. While the second-story additions generally include multiple rooms and at least one bathroom. It is an incredibly efficient method to build up quickly and with little fuss. When you build up the family can’t live at home, so having the addition constructed offsite means less time out of the home. Thus, less disruption to your life.

    Build Up or to the Side

    It’s important to find out if you can legally extend your home- your choice to build up or build out may depend on your local building inspector. Additionally, if you are a member of a Homeowner’s Association you’ll need to check with them.

    There are other issues to consider, if you are building a room that is free standing and doesn’t attach to your home, for instance, or if you have a septic system to take into consideration. If that addition has a separate kitchen there are additional fire stop walls to be put in place.

    Work with a manufacturer or builder to create plans that meet your needs. Once you have plans finalized you can cost the addition. When you meet with the builder or manufacturer have plenty of pictures of your home to hand, both the inside and outside. You should also have the dimensions of the home to ensure the plans are accurate. If you opt for a prefab addition you should work with a general contractor, who will take care of hiring the necessary subcontractors.

    To learn more about Prefab Additions, contact Us today and schedule a free estimate. We would love to help you create the addition you have been dreaming about.