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    Ranch Additions

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    Ranch Additions: Ideas and Benefits

    There are few architectural styles that embody Canada quite like ranch style homes. It was the backbone of American suburbs, built heavily after the baby boom post-World War 2. The ranch style homes that were built before 1964 are now considered historic.

    A ranch house is adaptable to any lifestyle, and there are plenty of reasons to consider adding on to yours. They’re ideal for custom home additions, with many space increasing opportunities. Whether it’s a large rambler or a small shoebox, it might be U shaped, L shaped, or rectangular. They’re adaptable as the materials used to build them are still used today.

    ranch house torontoMany ranch homes were created with a small footprint, perfect for living sensibly and once the children are gone it can be accommodating for retirement living.

    Ranch homes were frequently designed and built with open floor planning, which is what we embrace today. It’s easier to achieve the total look with ranch homes. With ranch homes being just one floor, it’s easy to create additional square footage by ending a second story. Room additions are also easy to achieve if you would rather build out instead of building up.

    If your ranch style home sits on a smaller lot, then your best bet is building up. Double your living space without increasing your footprint. Create additional bedrooms, bathrooms, home office, or family space. A second-story addition allows you to reconfigure the first floor- all the bedrooms can be moved upstairs expanding your common areas.

    You can also create vertical space by finishing an attic, or adding in dormers which will bring in natural light and add height to the attic ceilings.

    If your ranch home sits on a spacious property then they work with building out, too. It can be built out in any direction, with options like decks or porches.

    To create a family room, guest suite, expand the kitchen or build a new master suite you can expand on either side of the home, build out from the front or the back, construct a U or L shaped addition, or by converting a carport.

    Don’t forget that you can go down, too. Most ranch homes have large basements, which is a great place to expand. This provides an ideal space for various uses, and converted basements add real resale value to the home.

    If you are desperate for more space, but you’re not sure which way to go- consider these few things before you decide.

    • Will the existing structure support and foundation hold the new load of a dormer or second-story addition?
    • What local codes could affect your plans? Are their height, square footage, or footprint restrictions?
    • Ranch homes don’t have the same limits that many other architectural styles do, with careful planning and choosing a qualified professional you are sure to create additional space that will suit your needs.

    If you plan a Ranch Home Addition, do not hesitate to contact us for the price quote, or if you have any questions about Home Additions in general, Our professionals ready to help you anytime.