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    Sunroom Additions

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    Sunroom Additions: Ideas & benefits

    A sunroom can create a panoramic view of your surroundings, provide natural light, and add value to your home. During the winter months, it can act as a greenhouse, to allow your plants to thrive, and it allows you to harness sun power to heat your home.

    Benefits of sunroom addition:modern sunroom addition

    • Provides extra space
    • Great for plant & flower lovers
    • Benefits your health
    • Provides extra Heat and natural light
    • Easy construction
    • Increased House resale price

    While the addition of a sunroom can be expensive, planning the project properly ensures you keep your costs in check. It is often built at the back or side of a home. It’s designed to get more sunlight than a traditional room wood, whether it is all windows, or has windows on two sides and skylights in the ceiling. It is most frequently attached to the kitchen or family room, with the existing windows or doors providing the access.

    If you feel brave enough you can draw up a plan yourself and head to the inspector’s office. Take measurements of all of the adjacent rooms and transfer the measurements to ¼ inch graph paper. Or you can let our professionals do that for you.

    You would then draw in all of the existing walls, doors, windows, steps, fireplaces, any openings or features that could impact the design of the sunroom. Ensure that any existing exterior features that need consideration are included. This could be patio or decking, slopes, plant life, or the shape of the roof.

    Now, tape that floor plan to a table, use tracing paper over the top and sketch in the shape and size of the sunroom. Draw in the positon and size of doors and windows, as well as skylights.

    You can draw in how the adjacent rooms may change upon construction of the addition. Whether this is removal of walls, windows, and doors or new wiring, ductwork and plumbing. Qualified Home builder can minimize those unwanted costs when planing a sunroom addition.

    Set your budget and then add 10% on top of that to cover any unexpected costs. Alternatively, set your budget, remove 10% and set the lower amount as your budget, with the additional 10% being the contingency budget.

    You would take that floor plan to the city building department to find out about permit costs, and restrictions that could affect the addition.

    These plans can then be copies and given to contractors for bids, this will provide you with a project cost, and as professionals they can offer insights into what areas of the project you haven’t considered or calculated into the plan.

    Sunrooms are an attractive addition to any home, not only will this addition add value to your home and increase your square footage, but it provides you with a new space you can truly enjoy. You can enjoy the outdoors while remaining under the protection of your home- enjoy a summer day with an ice-cold lemonade and shade or watch the rain fall with a hot drink and heat.

    If you plan a Sunroom Addition, do not hesitate to contact us for the price quote, or if you have any questions about Additions in general, Our professionals ready to help you anytime.